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Sumaya O'Grady
Global Difference Maker
Speakers Learn Soul Deep Confidence

Sumaya is a world wide spiritual teacher, healer and soul alchemist.  Her work focuses on guiding leaders and speakers with inspirational messages to transform their delivery from ordinary to extra-ordinary with unshakable confidence.


Helice 'Sparky' Bridges
Global Difference Maker
World Renown Motivational Speaker, Ignite What's Right

Helice is known all over the world for her positive energy, love of others and her famous blue ribbon ceremony, "Who I Am Makes A Difference.  Today you'll learn how to participate in supporting others by focusing on the positive and  acknowledging what is working instead of complaining about what isn't working.

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Our Show Message

Maximize Your Wealth Now TV offers solutions in business, finance, family, and lifestyle. Wealth is not only about money and can be perceived from various different perspectives. Shirlene Reeves, the executive producer of the show, believes that, if an entrepreneur is successful in business, their finances will provide a solid foundation resulting in their ability to live a lifestyle they absolutely love.

Our Mission

The intention and the mission of Maximize Your Wealth Now TV is to bring information to the public that is unknown to the masses, never taught in traditional schools or is unique in a way that offers entrepreneurs new ideas that they can put into practice in support of a challenge they may be currently experiencing.

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