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This quiz is designed to support entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners to determine who they are in the sales process.  It will let you know if you are sales-y or a compelling client relationship builder with an ongoing referral base.

The Compel Don't Sell Quiz includes 12 True - False questions and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.  You will receive your quiz results immediately after you complete the last question.  (Hint - you may need to click the 'take the quiz' button at the end to get your results)

If you receive a score of 10 or below consider taking the Compel Don't Sell 2-Day Intensive course.  Your score results page will also include a link for more information and video testimonials provided by our students.  We've also included a surprise bonus gift as a thank you for time.
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I have pin-pointed a perfect target market for my specific service, program or area of expertise?


I'm prepared and feeling confident about overcoming any objections my client raises regarding my product or service.  I can answer without using sales-y phrases and when they say they don't have enough  money to buy my product or service I confidently respond without feel pushy?


It hurts my feelings if a client, friend or family member acts like I don't know what I'm talking about.  It's even worse when they run to the internet to verify what I'm saying.
I know what I'm talking about or I wouldn't be telling them.


While talking to a potential client I sometimes don't hear what they are saying because I'm thinking about what I'm supposed to say next to make the sale.
I'm at a point where I really need the money.


If my clients begin to ramble, when I ask them a question, I make every effort to redirect the conversation back to the topic so we can stay focused?


I've taken the time to develop and refine specific interview questions to determine the wants, needs and words my perfect clients are waiting to hear?


Sometimes when I try to sell I'm afraid of being pushy.   I feel like I'll lose my friends and people won't like me.


There are times when I really feel offended by people who ask me for clarity about what I do especially when I just explained it to them.


I'm patient with the time it takes for my clients to make a decision on their purchase.   I'm perfectly fine with this because I'm confident about
what to say and how to work with them.


My income and bank account reflects how great I am at sales.


I know exactly how to define what I do in just 4 to 7 words.  I can also deliver a 30 second finely defined commercial about the work I do to support my clients and
you'll never find me getting lost in long explanations.


I've thought about why the networking groups aren't bringing in more money but I don't know what to do about it.I've spent a lot of time and money to attend them but I'm just not seeing the results.

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