The risk of always being in selling mode

How do you shift from selling to compelling, and what’s the 3-step process of becoming a friend to a client?

Takeaways + Tactics

Shift out of the script: think of other people as friends and human beings, not prospects.

It’s important to discover your personality type in relation to sales, and use that to relate to other people’s personalities.

When you work with first-time buyers, anticipate the difficulties that will be caused by their inexperience.

At the start of the show, we discussed the power of compelling instead of selling, and Shirlene gave us her background and shared how she developed her course. She went on to share the sweet spot when it comes to who you should sell to. She also gave her insights on scripts and cold calls, and why they don’t always work. At the end of the show, she gave advice on preparing yourself to get interviewed on camera.

Shirlene also shared about;

  • Using public speaking as a way to market yourself
  • Why scripts make you inauthentic
  • How to interact with people on a personal level, not as prospects
  • How to think bigger than yourself to get a referral
  • How to limit rejection by becoming a friend

Key Quotes

Agents make the mistake of trying to sell everyone. -Shirlene Reeves

When you get into a script you’re no longer authentic, and you’re no longer a friend. -Shirlene Reeves

Working with heart is knowing exactly who you are in sales, taking what you learn about yourself, and moving it towards working with other people. Do this by taking “I” out of your day-to-day, and constantly pivoting conversations back to them. Being willing to have conversations and make it less about yourself eliminates rejection and limits objections. Become a friend before you try to sell.

Guest Bio

Shirlene has been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, with 20 employees or less, for over 30 years. She built her own nationwide business from zero to millions, with 23,000 independent contractors working by her side. As the CEO of Maximize Your Wealth Now, in business, finance, family and lifestyle, Shirlene educates small business owners and entrepreneurs on the intricacies of compelling clients to work with you and shares the secrets to her own business income success by omitting common sales tactics.

Go to for more information and to take the Compel Don't Sell Quiz.  Find out now - do you sell or do you compel your clients to work with you.

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