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Discover how DISC reports and the DISC Certification will serve you, your sales income, and your clients better. 

DISC Sales Report- $97 Generating More Income for You and Your Business

This 30-page report not only reveals your personal strengths and how to identify and adapt your own style when approaching your client,  it outlines a step-by-step strategy that allows you to customize your approach throughout the selling process.  This report is the perfect companion for the Compel Don’t Sell Course.  It is provided free when you take the course but if you wish to take this profile on your own you can click the link and buy it here.

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DISC for Coaching – 20% OFF (use Coupon Code: Shirlene for this limited time only offer)

As a coach, psychologist, therapist, or someone working on overcoming client challenges and the effects on their lifestyle this is a perfect certification for you.  With this certification you can provide better, quicker and more effective solutions for your clients.  They pay for their profile individually or you can wrap it into your coaching fee like I do in my Compel Don’t Sell course.  When you are DISC Certified you can ask your clients to take the DISC profile, receive an instant report and provide spot-on coaching that gets to the root of your client’s challenges.

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DISC for Leaders – $97 DISCovering My Leadership Style

This 47-page report not only reveals your personal strengths, but provides ways to identify and adapt your own Leadership style to provide what is needed to motivate, manage, acknowledge and align others. This valuable report is ideal for all Regional Managers, Directors, and Corporate Team Members.

DISC For Self-  $97 Discovering Me

This 23-page report introduces you to your personal qualities, motivators, needs and character virtue strengths.  You will also learn about your communication preferences for interacting most effectively with others.  If you are having challenges with family and friends understanding you taking this profile will provide you with the answers to bring peace and better relationships into your life.

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