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"I don't like your tone young lady."

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This week's show really enlightening and touches on the tone of our speech.   Deepak Chari from the Chari Center of Health in San Diego is one of our guests.  Deepak is an engineering bio-feedback specialist who focuses on the missing chords and tones in our voice.  In all honesty I never thought I had missing tones until he said, "Have you ever said something and someone said to you, I don't like the way you said that? That happened to you because you are missing certain tones in your voice that others need to hear."

Change your tone...

It was then that I had to think again because there have been times when I was told, "I don't like your tone." and I couldn't figure out why.  I was sure that I hadn't said anything that would be taken the wrong way and yet it was.  Why, I thought to myself?  What could I have said to cause such a negative reaction?

Deepak says that we have missing tones in our voice that might come from ancestral challenges that have nothing to do with us personally or it could be caused by experiences and challenges we've lived through in the past.  In any case those tones may be missing if someone nailed you like they did me.

Missing Your Tones...

Deepak goes on to say that with his easy, non-invasive treatments we can recover the missing tones and change our lives for the better.  Scientific evidence has proven that once we add the missing tones back into our voices we'll relate better to others, live a calmer happier life, increase our sales if we're in business, probably get that raise we were hoping for if we work for someone else and with a few treatments we'll feel a reduction of anxiety, stress and tension.  Who wouldn't want that?

I don't want to give away the whole interview so I have one last thought for you. Watch the show and you'll find out how the treatments work and why they work. Deepak explains it so much better than I can.  I'm going to have the treatment myself so I'll let you know how it goes.

By the way even if you live in New York you can still get the treatments done from your own home.

Watch the show...

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