Improve Sales success 96%

  IMPROVE SALES SUCCESS 96% Are you living with or in FEAR of sales? Is it getting in the way of becoming more successful? What if you knew the SECRET for overcoming FEAR? I travel all over the world and have had many opportunities to speak with entrepreneurs who struggle with the sales process and their fears. One thing they all have in common is that they don't like to be sold.  In fact they'll even [...]

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Change Your Tone Change Your Life

"I don't like your tone young lady."  WMAX.TV TALK SHOW Highlights  With your hosts Shirlene Reeves & Barbara Wainwright This week's show really enlightening and touches on the tone of our speech.   Deepak Chari from the Chari Center of Health in San Diego is one of our guests.  Deepak is an engineering bio-feedback specialist who focuses on the missing chords and tones in our voice.  In all honesty I never thought I had missing [...]

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Linked In w/ Mary Knippel

Is your Linked In profile lacking? #Entrepreneurs learn quick & easy tips for massive #Business #Income  I do so much business on Linked In and it's odd that sometimes entrepreneurs say they never get a response and prefer to work with Facebook.  I thought that too originally but now I connect with so many awesome entrepreneurs. Here's how I do it...   First of all you need an interesting profile that draws people in, using [...]

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The 5 Myths of Speaking

Now that you know the 5 Myths of Networking you might be asking, if Networking isn't the way to go what do we do? How about speaking on stage to groups?  That's a great idea but lets really look together into that theory. As a Certified Financial Educator, Distinguished Toastmaster and International Thought Leader I keep my finger on the pulse while educating #entrepreneurs on how to become Massively Visible for Massive Income.  I'm very [...]

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When Networking & Speaking Events Aren’t Working

Maximize Your Wealth Now TV In previous articles I shared the myths around why networking and speaking don't work and perhaps I’ve left you wondering, well what does work then?  That's a really good question and I have an idea that might give you pause for thought. In today's world the bigger your visibility worldwide, the more credible you become.  It's the true essence of showing up for what you believe in and [...]

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