How Is Your Financial House Standing?

There are 3 types of professionals who provide financial support but only one provides financial literacy; the CFE Certified Financial Educator®. You’ve probably already experienced financial advisors and planners but there’s a big difference in how they are trained to support you as opposed to a CFE Certified Financial Educator®. CFE Certified Financial Educators® (CFEd®) are formally trained to teach in universities and on business campuses while specializing in supporting families and businesses. We look [...]

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Overcome Networking Group Losses

Become Networking Savvy To Avoid BurnoutHave you ever experienced running from one networking group to another, and then whenyou filed your taxes, it suddenly became clear that you had not made enough money topay for all the fees, lunches, dinners, and breakfasts? That has happened to me too, and itdidn’t make me very happy.   I'm writing these tips so you'll be networking savvy.AVOIDING BURNOUTI’ve noticed lately that many entrepreneurs and coaches are beginning to get [...]

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Linked In w/ Mary Knippel

Is your Linked In profile lacking? #Entrepreneurs learn quick & easy tips for massive #Business #Income  I do so much business on Linked In and it's odd that sometimes entrepreneurs say they never get a response and prefer to work with Facebook.  I thought that too originally but now I connect with so many awesome entrepreneurs. Here's how I do it...   First of all you need an interesting profile that draws people in, using [...]

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5 Networking Myths Revealed

I speak with so many #entrepreneurs who run from one small networking group to the next and they can't understand why they aren't making money.  Well, I wondered that too so I did 5 years of research to figure out why and here's what I found. There are 5 reasons why we're losing money while networking: Breaking bread with other #entrepreneurs is an effective way to network. Truth:  Most of the networking groups have a [...]

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Listen Up

I'm on the radio this afternoon. I hope you can catch the show on 1220 am radio at 3pm. Would love it if you'd call in and ask a question. I'm talking about how to build wealth and strategies for Long Term Care. Your support would be greatly appreciated. CLICK HERE FOR INFO & live streaming Radio show hostJoe Cucchina

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