5 Ways Energy Drain Creates Illness

  The Surprise Top 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Drain Energy & Create Illness Unknowingly! As leaders on a mission to live our passion and transform people’s lives, we need a lot of energy. Entrepreneurship can be very demanding and sometimes completely overwhelming. At times keeping up with the run can even catch us by surprise with a sudden illness. If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or depleted, you could be suffering from hidden energy drains. We’ve heard [...]

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ENTREPRENEURS – Let's talk about Time & $$$

Time is our Golden Treasure It takes a tremendous amount of energy and normally a good 3 years of time to really grow your new business from the seed of your dreams to a strong hearty tree bearing the fruit of multiple streams of income that pay for your lifestyle for the rest of your life. [...]

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The Tiger Team

Wanna Play with Tigers? Then You Gotta Know How to Win! The Tiger Team at World Financial Group are all beginning a new adventure building a business of their own, but together.  We talked about the importance of how to decide which business might be best to help them rise to the top quickly and efficiently.  The system had to be simple, fast and doable. The Team understands that in order to play [...]

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What's The Point?

While coaching new entrepreneurs I ask “What’s your mission?”, meaning what’s the point of your business, a question that usually comes right after, “What do you do?” This task is much easier if you develop a clear vision for how you intend to impact others' lives. How do you want your clients to respond and relate to your work? Henry Ford had a great vision and mission for his Model T – a car that [...]

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