5 Ways Energy Drain Creates Illness

  The Surprise Top 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Drain Energy & Create Illness Unknowingly! As leaders on a mission to live our passion and transform people’s lives, we need a lot of energy. Entrepreneurship can be very demanding and sometimes completely overwhelming. At times keeping up with the run can even catch us by surprise with a sudden illness. If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or depleted, you could be suffering from hidden energy drains. We’ve heard [...]

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Make Your Energy Soar

THE SECRET TO SAYING ENERGIZED Have you ever considered exactly why you run out of steam around completing the projects in your business?  When I start losing steam or find that I’m not feeling as powerfully influential as I would like to be, I take some time to get clarity on what is most important in my the process and my business. I know this is easier said than done, so I asked Moneeka Sawyer, [...]

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Change Your Tone Change Your Life

"I don't like your tone young lady."  WMAX.TV TALK SHOW Highlights  With your hosts Shirlene Reeves & Barbara Wainwright This week's show really enlightening and touches on the tone of our speech.   Deepak Chari from the Chari Center of Health in San Diego is one of our guests.  Deepak is an engineering bio-feedback specialist who focuses on the missing chords and tones in our voice.  In all honesty I never thought I had missing [...]

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Think Big by Starting Small

You’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing the small things in business, so that all the small things fit like a puzzle into the big picture.   Some say that being successful means having a balance of success stories across all areas of our life including our business. We’re told that balance in our lives is important, however there are times when the temptation to act according to the expectations of [...]

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Spring Into A New Belief

Spring Into A New Belief! If you’ve been taught how to do Business Strategy Sessions and find it creates anxiety and insecurity in your heart I totally get it. Have you thought about how much anxiety it causes your clients? Why not empower yourself with a new belief around strategy sessions and how to interact with your perfect clients? Here’s my experience… When we offer Strategy Sessions for our clients we’re taught to find and [...]

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