Seeding Speeches Builds Wealth

  Seeding Speeches Builds Wealth I've had the opportunity to watch hundreds of speakers do their dog and pony show and the ending is usually peppered with offers.  Don't you find it exhausting?  I sure do.  It's a real let down. In the beginning, when a speaker is announced I look forward to hearing their content.  I spend valuable time listening in hopes that I'll learn something to put into practice in my business or my [...]

Blog Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions Problem or Solution? Business owners and even specialists get in over their heads at times, leaving an air of insecurity when it comes to solving a client's specific business challenge.  A client will begin looking for a coach or trainer to solve that challenge.    At this point they may take advantage of interviewing coaches through free strategy sessions. The Purpose of a Strategy Session A strategy session should focus on the client's specific [...]

How Is Your Financial House Standing?

There are 3 types of professionals who provide financial support but only one provides financial literacy; the CFE Certified Financial Educator®. You’ve probably already experienced financial advisors and planners but there’s a big difference in how they are trained to support you as opposed to a CFE Certified Financial Educator®. CFE Certified Financial Educators® (CFEd®) are formally trained to teach in universities and on business campuses while specializing in supporting families and businesses. We look [...]

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What Do You Mean Compel Don’t Sell?

  Shirlene Reeves on ESPN Radio, San Diego Click the link to hear the interview Being a Certified Financial Educator I’ve spent years interacting with entrepreneurs and small business owners and found that many have the same challenge in common. They work very hard, with lots of long hours, but there is little if any money left in their bank account at the end of the month. Some are even considering going [...]

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Why Networking Groups Lose Money

Have you ever experienced running from one networking group to another and when you filed your taxes it suddenly became clear that you had not made enough money to pay for all the fees, lunches, dinners and breakfasts? That happened to me too and it didn’t make me very happy. To be honest I felt pretty defeated and decided that there had to be an answer to doing a better job of networking. Over a [...]

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