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Programs Designed Especially For Heartfelt Authors & Coaches

Make Easy Sales

Shirlene Reeves, the World’s Business Success Coach, shares the truth about why her clients are successful.  “It’s because they have integrated programs, requested by their clients, that are easier to sell.  They also play a much bigger game by becoming a Celebrity Guest Expert.”

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a rut financially? Perhaps you are uncertain about exactly how to take your small business to the next level.  You may even be coming to the end of your savings.  With all of the noise around us it’s difficult to compete in today’s constantly changing environment. If you dream of a successful income generating business you’ve landed in the right place.

The good news is that, working with a business success coach, you too will become one of those who are admired for turning their financial woes into wins with a well designed Millionaire Dollar Business Plan!

Learning How To Sell With Heart

Learning how to sell and market through your heart, creates an inner confidence and a great opportunity for making more money. Here at Maximize Your Wealth Now, you learn an easy, authentic way to sell without rejection. You’ll be supported in designing 3-integrated programs that the majority of your clients need right now. How can that be, you might be wondering? We do it by pouring on the secret sauce ingredients that call your clients toward you.

Putting What You Know Into Programs

Are you challenged with Shirlene Reeves, the world's business success coach untangling massive amounts of information and feeling
frustrated trying to define;

  • Who you are as a professional
    (Even though you’ve tried other coaches I promise you there’s still hope.)
  • What to offer your clients that sells easily
  • How to promote yourself so your clients reach out to you

Next it’s time to design your business in a way that compels your clients to;

  • Purchase Powerful, Integrated programs that solve your clients’ biggest challenges
  • Feel an Authentic heartfelt sales approach, that empowers you to easily open sales conversations
  • Build relationships quickly to create lifetime referrals and provide a consistent income
  • Say, “I see you everywhere.” because you are massively visible, outside your own backyard. They see you on podcasts, radio shows and web TV as a certified Celebrity Guest Expert™.

Shirlene Reeves, the World’s Business Success Coach

Shirlene Reeves is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US.  She is know as the World’s Business Success Coach.  She has been a web TV show host and is now a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio.  As an author, she recently wrote Selling Through Your Heart – Empowering You To Build Relationships For Financial Freedom.

Shirlene is an in-demand international keynote speaker specializing in empowering  authors and coaches with the answers for transforming their businesses by selling with heart.

Take The QUIZ – Rate Your Personal Sales Authenticity

When authors and coaches combine powerful programs with the authentic 3-Step Sales Waltz™ they are empowered  to create relationships that build a consistent income for financial freedom.

If you’d like to rate your personal sales authenticity, take the Selling Through Your Heart/Compel Don’t Sell quiz.  It might be the best 12 minutes you ever spent toward reaching financial freedom.

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