What Do You Mean Compel Don’t Sell?

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  Shirlene Reeves on ESPN Radio, San Diego Click the link to hear the interview  https://youtu.be/rbNSoZKOG90 Being a Certified Financial Educator I’ve spent years interacting with entrepreneurs and small business owners and found that many have the same challenge in common. They work very hard, with lots of long hours, but there is little if any money left in their bank account at the end of the month. Some are even considering going [...]

Why Networking Groups Lose Money

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Have you ever experienced running from one networking group to another and when you filed your taxes it suddenly became clear that you had not made enough money to pay for all the fees, lunches, dinners and breakfasts? That happened to me too and it didn’t make me very happy. To be honest I felt pretty defeated and decided that there had to be an answer to doing a better job of networking. Over a [...]

Change Your Tone Change Your Life

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"I don't like your tone young lady."  WMAX.TV TALK SHOW Highlights  With your hosts Shirlene Reeves & Barbara Wainwright This week's show really enlightening and touches on the tone of our speech.   Deepak Chari from the Chari Center of Health in San Diego is one of our guests.  Deepak is an engineering bio-feedback specialist who focuses on the missing chords and tones in our voice.  In all honesty I never thought I had missing [...]

Linked In w/ Mary Knippel

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Is your Linked In profile lacking? #Entrepreneurs learn quick & easy tips for massive #Business #Income  I do so much business on Linked In and it's odd that sometimes entrepreneurs say they never get a response and prefer to work with Facebook.  I thought that too originally but now I connect with so many awesome entrepreneurs. Here's how I do it...   First of all you need an interesting profile that draws people in, using [...]

Think Big by Starting Small

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You’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing the small things in business, so that all the small things fit like a puzzle into the big picture.   Some say that being successful means having a balance of success stories across all areas of our life including our business. We’re told that balance in our lives is important, however there are times when the temptation to act according to the expectations of [...]

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