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Are Your Strategy Sessions A Problem or Solution? Business owners and even specialists get in over their heads at times, leaving an air of insecurity when it comes to solving a client's specific business challenge.  A client will begin looking for a coach or trainer to solve that challenge.    At this point they may take [...]

Another Anthology or Eulogy?

Really?  I think they should pay us to be in these books.  Worse yet I bet you already have boxes of them sitting under your bed gathering dust bunnies.  People please stop asking me to pay to write in these community anthologies.  There’s only one Chicken Soup For The Soul and if you want to [...]

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How Is Your Financial House Standing?

There are 3 types of professionals who provide financial support but only one provides financial literacy; the CFE Certified Financial Educator®. You’ve probably already experienced financial advisors and planners but there’s a big difference in how they are trained to support you as opposed to a CFE Certified Financial Educator®. CFE Certified Financial Educators® (CFEd®) [...]

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Overcome Networking Group Losses

Tips to Overcome Networking Group $$$ Losses   Tip 1 Ask The Important Questions A. Attend only one well defined networking group per month. The way to take back your money and time is to pick up the phone and interview the host of the group. The host knows the answers to these important questions. [...]

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What Do You Mean Compel Don’t Sell?

  Shirlene Reeves on ESPN Radio, San Diego Click the link to hear the interview Being a Certified Financial Educator I’ve spent years interacting with entrepreneurs and small business owners and found that many have the same challenge in common. They work very hard, with lots of long hours, but there is [...]

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