Avoiding Business Burn Out

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Avoiding Business Burn Out Avoiding #business burn out is sometimes the most difficult challenge an entrepreneur runs into.  Going through it may feel like a crisis but in reality it's not. The secret is identifying when you are feeling burnt out and realizing that your body and mind may need a rest. As entrepreneurs we work hard and contribute a great deal of energy to keeping our businesses going. It's a well known fact that [...]

Speaking Magnet For $$$

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  BE A KICK-ASS SPEAKING $$$ MAGNET ON STAGE Myth: Speaking on stages gives you visibility, gets you business & makes you money. By SHIRLENE REEVES Truth:  Really?  If the myth above was true all of the entrepreneurs would be making money #speaking on stages, but they aren't.  This is an easy truth to determine. All you need to do is ask those speaking, after they step down off the stage, and you'll soon realize that [...]

Improve Sales success 96%

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  IMPROVE SALES SUCCESS 96% Are you living with or in FEAR of sales? Is it getting in the way of becoming more successful? What if you knew the SECRET for overcoming FEAR? I travel all over the world and have had many opportunities to speak with entrepreneurs who struggle with the sales process and their fears. One thing they all have in common is that they don't like to be sold.  In fact they'll even [...]

5 Ways Energy Drain Creates Illness

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  The Surprise Top 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Drain Energy & Create Illness Unknowingly! As leaders on a mission to live our passion and transform people’s lives, we need a lot of energy. Entrepreneurship can be very demanding and sometimes completely overwhelming. At times keeping up with the run can even catch us by surprise with a sudden illness. If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or depleted, you could be suffering from hidden energy drains. We’ve heard [...]

Make Your Energy Soar

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THE SECRET TO SAYING ENERGIZED Have you ever considered exactly why you run out of steam around completing the projects in your business?  When I start losing steam or find that I’m not feeling as powerfully influential as I would like to be, I take some time to get clarity on what is most important in my the process and my business. I know this is easier said than done, so I asked Moneeka Sawyer, [...]

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