Avoiding Business Burn Out

Avoiding Business Burn Out

Avoiding Business Burn Out

Avoiding Business Burn OutAvoiding #business burn out is sometimes the most difficult challenge an entrepreneur runs into.  Going through it may feel like a crisis but in reality it’s not. The secret is identifying when you are feeling burnt out and realizing that your body and mind may need a rest. As entrepreneurs we work hard and contribute a great deal of energy to keeping our businesses going.

It’s a well known fact that many coaches and authors are in the trenches, stressed and alone, trying to figure out what to do next about making an income that pays their bills.

Avoiding Business Burn OutOne of the biggest challenges is that we get bogged down trying to hard to be perfect.  Then over-whelm begins to creep in and fear jumps into the drivers seat.  Have you ever felt that way?  It may be difficult to take the necessary risks that move your business forward because each step needs to be completed perfectly. Perfectionists struggle with wanting to get whatever they’re working on ‘just right’, which slows you down or stops a project completely.

Recently I was chatting with Kimberly, an author who is in the middle of writing her book. She’s an amazing relationship coach who has the secret to working effectively with teens.  As she completes each chapter she goes back and re-writes it over and over again. Unfortunately Kimberly hasn’t gotten beyond the third chapter in almost two years. Her people are waiting to read her book but it may never be published because she continues to make each chapter perfect. Worst of all she might give up completely and no one will benefit from all of her knowledge, time and hard work.

Trying to get projects to the ‘just right’ stage is a way of avoiding a chance of  being criticized,  making mistakes, or experiencing public humiliation.   This is what creates business burn out.  A perfectionist never wants to look bad in the eyes of others and would rather not commit than fail.

Six months ago Kimberly hired a highly recommended editor to support her. It wasn’t long before she grabbed the responsibility back because she felt as if she’d lost control. What the editor thought would be a quick and easy job became laborious and painful because Kimberly refused to trust his suggestions as an editor, crippling the process.

Managing Business Burn Out

If you have trouble delegating and hear yourself saying, ”If I want a job done right I’m better off doing it myself.” you are placing more of a burden on yourself, while wasting a lot of unnecessary time that could be utilized more effectively. Kimberly’s belief that everything she does, or anyone she hires must do the work perfectly keeps her in a state of being stuck in bewilderment. The underlying message in Kimberly’s mind is a fear that she will be rejected if she is not perceived as perfect.

Avoiding Business Burn OutThis is also why so many authors and coaches are afraid of the #sales process. Humiliation and rejection are at the top of a perfectionist’s thoughts. The question is, can you think about your projects differently? Can you avoid business burn out by becoming an important part of a team that supports you in completing your projects effortlessly. 

Are You Experiencing Burn Out?

If you are not clear on what it feels like to be in burn out mode review Lewis Howes’ article on the 3 Important Signs of Entrepreneurial Burnout and How to Overcome It.  You may be surprised about what you learn.

Finding Your Way Out Of Business Burn Out

Perfection is only a state of mind that can be managed or changed.  With the right information and measurable solutions you can be confident in delegating to others what you enjoy doing least and arrange your schedule to do only what you love while making a great #income.

You deserve a business #coach who understands your life, your #financial needs and your priorities; someone who is with you every step of the journey.  That’s my commitment to you.  You can read more about the Business Mastery Platinum class if you are looking for a step-by-step formula for developing your programs and pricing them perfectly for your target market.

If you are a perfectionist I’d love to hear your feedback on what solutions you’ve found to keep your business moving forward while avoiding business burn out.  Leave a comment below.

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