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Affiliate Information & Agreement

Welcome to the Wealth Maximizer Affiliate Community Provided by: Maximize Your Wealth Now

We’re happy you decided to join us in promoting ourselves and increasing our networking membership through the referral of other heartfelt entrepreneurs looking for the answers we provide as a membership. This is a win-win for everyone who participates in the community.

Here’s Why:
  • New community members bring new perspectives, new working partnerships, and more referrals.
  • They introduce you to new people who become clients.
  • Your referrals support your income when Maximize Your Wealth Now pays a lifetime 10% for any program your referral buys from Maximize Your Wealth Now. These programs include: Compel Don’t Sell™, Business Mastery Platinum and Massive Visibility Media™ Gold.
Best Practices for Referring Newbies Into Our Community

To begin receiving credit, for your referral, send a brief email introduction to   My bio for the email introduction is below. All you need to do is copy and paste my bio, add the scheduling link for an appointment and then write something about why you are referring the person.  Use a brief description about their business and the programs they offer.

Here’s How It Works

 4 Step Wealth Maximizer Referral System
  1. Sign up to Become an Affiliate below
  1. Copy and paste my bio and the payment agreement into your contact book under my name. Add this link so they can schedule a Free 40 minute Business Breakthrough Session.
  2. Send me, and your referral an email introduction.
  3. Watch for my email response indicating receipt of your introduction and I will respond to your referral at the same time.
 What Happens Next
  • If the person makes an appointment with me they will be your affiliate credit for six months.
  • If they have not bought a course in six months, from the date of their first appointment, the agreement is complete for that specific referral and someone else has the option to refer them.
  • When your referral buys a program you become the lifetime receiver of 10% of the course cost for all of the above-mentioned programs.
Here’s My Bio  

Meet Shirlene Reeves, one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US, a web TV show host and a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio, publisher of Wealthy Woman Magazine,  Author of SELLING THROUGH YOUR HEART – Empowering You To Build Relationships for Financial Freedom. Shirlene is an in-demand international keynote speaker specializing in educating coaches, authors and entrepreneurs with answers for transforming their businesses by selling with heart, developing confidence, and stepping onto stages, web TV, podcasts and radio for massive, marketing visibility. Website:  LinkedIn:

Note: Copy and paste bio into your address book, under Shirlene’s name, so you have it handy for your referral emails.​

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